Class Ten


Mrs Kane, Miss Jenkinson and Mrs Williams welcome you!

‘Rocketing forwards… Reaching for the stars!’

Hello and welcome to Class 10’s webpage. On here you will find what we will be doing in class and key information about Class 10. Class 10 will be demanding as we work hard to help you fulfil your potential - but we promise to make it as fun as we can.


This term our main focus will be ensuring we are fully prepared for our SATs. We will be starting boosters and will be given revision guides. Children are encouraged to revise regularly at home.


Spring 1

Our main topic this term is Victorians. During this topic we will be learning about the lives of Victorian children; specifically within the workhouse. We will be exploring the differences between the affluent and poor. We will begin this term writing diary entries in role of workhouse children. As part of this topic we will be reading ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty which is all about a young boy, whose mother dies, leaving him lone in a workhouse. The young boy’s constant battle to survive will enable us to understand the harsh conditions these children faced and will support our writing in literacy.


We are hoping to plan an educational visit to bring our learning to life!



What we are learning this term? 



Our focus this term is football and sportshall athletics. In football- as well as game play- we will be focusing on developing the following skills: shooting, dribbling, shot stopping, running with the ball and control. We will be thinking about movement to create space, decision making (pass, dribble or shoot) and looking at the best angled body shape to receive a ball. Sporthall athletics is an exciting indoor programme of adapted athletics activities.  In sportshall athletics we will be finding fun ways to build core skills, and take part in exhilarating team competitions.


Our first topic this term is Sources. We will be learning about books, in particular, the Bible – looking at how to find references and the purpose of each type of book. We will be learning about the Bible as the story of God’s love, told by the people of God and influenced by the Holy Spirit. We will also be studying the topic ‘Unity’ where we will explore how the Eucharist challenges and enables the Christian family to live and grow in communion every day.


We are encouraged and rewarded in class ten to read independently at least four times a week (recording this in our reading records). We are also enjoying street child as a class. We are carrying out regular reading comprehensions and will be given additional exam preparation leading up to SATs. We know that reading and writing are closely linked so therefore we are encouraged to discuss the writers’ choice of language and to study a wide range of genres.



 We will be planning, creating and editing several pieces of writing which will form our writing assessment this term-including: diary entry, persuasion and balanced arguments. Our working wall allows us to be active learners when composing writing to ensure we have included all features.


SPAG(Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) 

This term in grammar we will be revising and learning about word types, clauses and phrases, linking ideas, tenses, sentence structure and writing styles. We will be focussing on sentence punctuation including the use of: commas, brackets and dashes, apostrophes, inverted commas, colons and semi-colons. We will continue to revise our year 5 and 6 spelling rules; looking at suffixes and prefixes. We will also focus on confusing words; with a particular focus on homophones.


Lots to cover this term, including: fractions/percentages/decimals, measure, shape, statistics, algebra, ration and proportion and problem solving.


Our first topic this term is electricity, followed by forces


Key information

* PE days are Wednesdays and Thursday this term. Please make sure your PE kits are in school on these days.

* Homework will be given on Wednesday to be handed in the following Monday. Each child will have a homework book. Homework will always link to recent learning and aims to help consolidate your understanding of a concept.

* You are expected to read at least four times a week and record each read in your reading journal.

*You are expected to revise using revision guides provided and must ensure they are brought to school every day.

 *Booster sessions- Will commence after February half term. 


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