Our School Curriculum

At St Bede's Catholic Primary School we are really passionate about learning and are constantly looking for new ways to present the learning experience for our children.

We offer a balanced curriculum which incorporates the National Curriculum in a very exciting way and ensures the children acquire the key skills in reading, writing, mathematics and computing and develop these in a range of contexts. We are very fortunate to have excellent grounds, therefore, outdoor learning is a high priority for our curriculum. All classes make extensive use of the grounds and the resources available in our local area ensuring that lessons are memorable, and provide the children with first hand experiences. There are Enterprise opportunities throughout the curriculum providing pupils with opportunities to use and apply their learning with a purpose. The children play an active part in their learning which leads to greater independence and ensures learning at a 'mastery level', ie, a deeper level of understanding making it a more meaningful experience which will stay with the learner for longer.


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St Bede's School Curriculum:

Year 1 / 2 topic cycles

Year 3 / 4 topic cycles

Year 5 / 6 topic cycles


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As a Catholic School, a minimum of 10% of the teaching timetable is dedicated to RE. We follow the 'Come and See' scheme of work. This is enhanced through the development of Christian values which underpin all aspects of learning. Throughout the week the children are involved in daily collective worship. Further details can be found under the 'RE' tab.


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Phonics teaching and reading schemes

Phonics In Foundation Stage and Key Stage One we teach phonics following a programme called Letters and Sounds which we supplement with aspects of the Read Write Inc. programme incorporating the speed sounds sessions. Pupils in Foundation Stage and Key Stage One take part in a daily phonics session working through the programme to help them blend (sound out) words which they read and segment (spell). The children are assessed regularly and in key Stage One children are placed in groups based on their phonics achievement, your child’s group may change throughout the year based on their achievement. Pupils who did not meet the Year 1 Phonics Assessment Score will receive additional support; teachers will always keep you informed if your child is receiving additional support.  

All staff have been trained to deliver the Read, Write Inc phonics programme for reading, writing and spelling. There are some great video clips for parents on their website http://www.oup.com/oxed/primary/rwi/forparents/

Reading schemes Pupils read through a set of colour banded books. Each colour in the book band is a different level. We provide a diet and range of books at different levels within a book band. The pupils know which book band they are working at and recognise the book band that they are working towards. The children select their own books and are encouraged to change their books regularly.  

Opportunities for reading Pupils also read regularly in other areas of the curriculum and in other parts of the school day through:

  • Guided Reading - Teachers work with small groups of pupils to teach specific and targeted reading skills in a book that is sufficiently challenging whilst others complete reading activities.
  • Reading Across the Curriculum - Pupils read a range of books linked to other areas of their learning.
  • Story Time – Books are read to pupils for them to hear good examples of reading aloud and to develop an enthusiasm for reading books themselves.  Class books are shared with pupils, where they read along with the teacher.
  • Reading Morning- We hold a reading morning each term in school where we encourage parents and guardians to share a book with their child.