Our School Curriculum

Curriculum Vision

Within our curriculum we ensure that we are covering the statutory content outlined by the National Curriculum however by embedding our curriculum drivers we are ensuring we are also preparing our children beyond the National Curriculum in order for them to be global citizens in a world which is forever moving forward.  

We have aspirational goals for every single child at St Bede’s and work hard to not only help them achieve their God –given potential but to also create aspirational learners who believe there isn’t a ceiling on their learning and achievements.

At the forefront of our curriculum and embedded in everything we do are our five promises which help us live out God’s gospel;

  • We promise to care
  • We promise to show respect
  • We promise to be honest
  • We promise to grow in faith and
  • We promise to persevere.

At St Bede’s we want our children to develop a sense of pride in themselves and respect for others.  We believe in the power of the school community to change and enhance lives and we actively engage with the local Rotherham community to ensure our children know they can make a difference, and do make a difference.  

Key Drivers

 Our curriculum intention is achieved through the implementation of three key drivers across a curriculum which is effectively planned over a two year cycle.

Creativity: Creativity is interwoven into all aspects of our curriculum. We teach an engaging curriculum which captures children’s interests in order for them to develop their knowledge and skills. Children will be happy to share their experiences and knowledge gained throughout the topics with others and transfer to future learning.

Communication- Encouraging our children to become confident speakers and communicators. We want our children to be able to communicate within their communities and the wider world and have the confidence to express their ideas and emotions with others. We do this through several strategies including Talk for Writing, Philosophy for Children and Performance Literacy.

Inquiry: We grow inquisitive learners who pose questions and use creative approaches to answer them in their learning. Through project work and a flexible approach to the curriculum we let the children lead their learning, they leave St Bede’s being able to reflect, self-evaluate and solve problems.